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US-7289034-B2: Sensor drive control method and sensor-equipped radio terminal device patent, US-7476718-B2: Process for producing polyoxymethylene patent, US-7637224-B1: Command inflatable boat stopping barrier patent, US-7720175-B2: Apparatus and method for reducing peak-to-average power ratio in an OFDM communication system patent, US-7868948-B2: Mage signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method and program for converting an interlaced signal into a progressive signal patent, US-7889221-B2: Optical scanning apparatus patent, US-6930611-B1: Water activated release triggering mechanism patent, US-7858595-B2: Anti-infectious carbohydrates patent, US-8011874-B2: Transfer apparatus patent, US-8138886-B1: Communication enabled active lock system patent, US-8238364-B2: System and method for enabling radio operations on a wireless computing device patent, US-8476679-B2: System of dynamic and end-user configurable electrical interconnects patent, US-6940401-B2: Customizable low fuel indicator system patent, US-6944732-B2: Method and apparatus for supporting snapshots with direct I/O in a storage area network patent, US-7026225-B1: Semiconductor component and method for precluding stress-induced void formation in the semiconductor component patent, US-7170964-B2: Transition insensitive timing recovery method and apparatus patent, US-7259895-B2: Device and method for scanning a first image of a document and printing a second image on the document patent, US-7664565-B2: Method for compensating wear of a finishing tool patent, US-7782283-B2: Apparatus and method for driving liquid crystal display device patent, US-8177599-B2: Method for making cathode of emission double-plane light source and emission double-plane light source patent, US-8312624-B1: Method for manufacturing a heat dissipation structure of a printed circuit board patent, US-7073554-B1: Integration device for compact disk patent, US-7165846-B2: Dichroic mirror and projection-type display unit patent, US-7184576-B2: Personal authentication system patent, US-7292284-B2: Method and apparatus displaying double screen patent, US-7383032-B2: Cellular phone and method for receiving and transmitting signals of different frequency bands patent, US-7401945-B2: Light source arrangement patent, US-7628408-B2: System and method for moving material past an obstacle patent, US-8134205-B2: Layout structure of power MOS transistor patent, US-8283286-B2: Thermosensitive recording material patent, US-8387428-B2: Regenerative laying pipe patent, US-8593044-B2: Modular architecture for sealed LED light engines patent, US-8599052-B2: Digital-to-analog converter to produce paired control signals in a power supply controller patent, US-8618981-B2: Method for building a vibration-resistant navigational satellite signals receiver and a device for receiving and processing navigation signals patent, US-6868653-B2: Aligning device and method for feeding products into an automatic packaging machine patent, US-6918394-B2: Device for preventing sleep apnea patent, US-7020764-B2: Semiconductor processing device patent, US-7133977-B2: Scalable rundown protection for object lifetime management patent, US-7569088-B2: Method and apparatus for circulating air through a hard disk drive patent, US-7598610-B2: Plate structure having chip embedded therein and the manufacturing method of the same patent, US-7715743-B2: Charger with a probe and controller patent, US-7766667-B2: Separable electrical connectors using isotropic conductive elastomer interconnect medium patent, US-7779245-B2: Providing access bearer related information in a packet data network patent, US-7811718-B2: Fuel cell patent, US-7841508-B2: Elliptic C4 with optimal orientation for enhanced reliability in electronic packages patent, US-8098489-B2: Integrated thermal system for cooling multiple separate components of an electronic device patent, US-8203938-B2: Multi-router IGP fate sharing patent, US-8338490-B2: Composition for repelling and deterring vermin patent, US-8348646-B2: Variable displacement vane pump patent, US-8461422-B2: DIG-5 insecticidal Cry toxins patent, US-8521986-B2: Allocating storage memory based on future file size or use estimates patent, US-8576344-B2: Projection control device, projection control method, and program patent, US-8643821-B2: 3D display panel and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-6914730-B2: Optical recording/reproducing apparatus patent, US-6931699-B2: Method of producing a surface wave component with a drain for pyroelectric voltage patent, US-7013532-B2: Hinge patent, US-7037773-B2: Method of manufacturing metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor patent, US-7128857-B2: Mould tool and method for resin transfer moulding patent, US-7317255-B2: Reliable printed wiring board assembly employing packages with solder joints patent, US-7571705-B2: Lubrication device for engine and outboard engine system patent, US-7903060-B2: Organic light emitting diode display and driving method thereof patent, US-8023490-B2: Method for the transmission of data packets in a radio communication system based on high and low priority patent, US-8037252-B2: Method for reducing coherence enforcement by selective directory update on replacement of unmodified cache blocks in a directory-based coherent multiprocessor patent, US-8052909-B2: Injection moulding process patent, US-8247304-B2: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having capacitor under bit line structure patent, US-8261202-B2: Systems and methods for providing a common time manipulation service to desktop applications patent, US-8286175-B2: Method and apparatus for capacity optimization and planning in an on-demand computing environment patent, US-8287833-B2: Sodium silicate solutions patent, US-8291165-B2: Electronic devices using removable and programmable active processing modules patent, US-8308458-B2: Rotor assembly for multi-stage pump patent, US-8348291-B1: Suspension strut bearing deflector seal patent, US-7033671-B2: Multilayers of fluoropolymers with chlorinated polyvinylchloride patent, US-7062630-B2: Storing device for writing data onto a plurality of installed storing mediums, storing control method for the storing device, and program thereof patent, US-7315052-B2: Power FET with embedded body pickup patent, US-7529244-B2: Routing processing device and packet type identification device patent, US-7748065-B2: End separated pocketed mattress as well as method and device for manufacturing the same patent, US-7796714-B2: Multiple signal receiving patent, US-7873801-B2: Partitionable accounting of memory utilization patent, US-7074368-B2: Batch-type polyester polymerization apparatus patent, US-7087977-B2: Semiconductor device including multiple wiring layers and circuits operating in different frequency bands patent, US-7117221-B2: Replication of changed information in a multi-master environment patent, US-7345432-B2: Inverter circuit for lighting backlight of liquid crystal display and method for driving the same patent, US-7354379-B2: Engine automatic stop restart control apparatus, vehicle equipped with engine automatic stop restart control apparatus, and engine automatic stop restart method patent, US-7397505-B2: CMOS sensor with over-saturation abatement patent, US-7715228-B2: Cross-point magnetoresistive memory patent, US-7910357-B2: Correction method for the distribution of quantity of light and biochip-reader patent, US-7997421-B2: Filtering apparatus and filter element patent, US-8120890-B2: High temperature film capacitor patent, US-8274470-B2: Backlight unit, display apparatus and control method thereof patent, US-8311235-B2: Communication control method, communication system and computer program patent, JP-2009103458-A: レーダ出力最適化方法、およびレーダ出力最適化装置 patent, US-6853151-B2: LED retrofit lamp patent, US-7353667-B2: Neck ring guide for glassware making machine patent, US-7703525-B2: Well perforating and fracturing patent, US-7813462-B2: Method of defining semiconductor fabrication process utilizing transistor inverter delay period patent, US-7833805-B2: Selectively permeable membranes on porous substrates patent, US-8173459-B2: Light emitting device having isolating insulative layer for isolating light emitting cells from each other and method of fabricating the same patent, US-8341436-B2: Method and system for power-state transition controllers patent, US-8345187-B2: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-8379637-B2: Bypassing routing rules during a conversation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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